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It’s the #1 movie in America, The Vow, the story of a newlywed who loses her memory in a car accident and the loving husband who fights to win her heart all over again.

It might seem far-fetched, but it’s actually based on a remarkable true story.  Read More……

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In a family built on determination and faith, Kim and Krickitt Carpenter have learned that love not only conquers all, it also fills seats in movie theaterThe Carpenters’ heart-tugging real-life story — Kim pulled out all the stops to make his wife Krickitt fall in love with him again after she lost her memory in a car crash 


The Vow Hollywood Premier  Kim and Krickitt Carpenter in 2012
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Vow Movie


                                                                                                  Speaking Engagements

Kim and Krickett Carpenter- Their Passion Kim and Krickett Carpenter-Unconditional Love Kim-and-Krickett-Carpenter-Humor-amongst-tragedy-video-thumbnail
Krickett-Carpenter-Battle-to-Resolve-video-thumbnail Kim-and-Krickett-Carpenter-When-you-are-ready-to-quit-video-thumbnail Kim-and-Krickett-Carpenter-EWomen-Intro-Video-Thumbnail
Get-Back-to-the-Basics-video-thumbnail Kim-and-Krickett-Carpenter-Challenges-in-life-Video-Thumbnail kim-and-krickett-Carpenter-when-you-think-you-have-it-bad-video-thumbnail